Review: The Weekend Away (2022)

*trigger warnings for abuse, emotional distress, death, cheating etc.*

*contains spoilers*

What if you went on holiday with your best friend for a weekend and during that time, everything changed? That is exactly what happens in the movie The Weekend Away, inspired by the book by Sarah Alderson. 

When Beth, played by Leighton Meester, goes on holiday to Croatia with her best friend Kate, they wish to spend a couple of days without worries. However, this doesn’t quite go to plan, as Kate disappears from a nightclub soon after their arrival. Beth goes to the police to look for her, but she is unable to recollect the previous night; however, she is sure that something bad has happened to her friend. In a surprising turn of events, Beth is arrested by the police as a suspect for the murder so decides she must take matters into her own hands and starts investigating. 

Beth is an emotional mess after the murder, suffering from shock. She is expected to cooperate with the police, who are insensitive towards the trauma she suffers. Usually thrillers give unrealistic expectations about the kick-ass nature of crime fighting when realistically, if our friends went missing on holiday, we’d probably be a mess too. The representation of Beth after the disappearance is unglamorized, offering an interesting perspective on sudden trauma and sad realisations. 

Beth realises throughout the film that the tell-tale signs of her husband, Rob’s abusive behaviour were there all along. She realises how he tried to manipulate her and to believe he wasn’t the one obsessed with Kate. However, at the same time it shows the viewers that it is not always easy to grasp the signs of an abusive behaviour and doesn’t blame the victim in any way for ‘not seeing it coming’. By very definition, manipulation obscures the truth from the victim. Beth is an incredible example for all of the fragile girls, myself included, showing that it is not bad to show our emotions and count on our gut to get through to people and discover the truth. Emotions do not make us weak.

The Weekend Away is a refreshing movie that finally shows someone leading a murder mystery that is not completely prepared and always strong but human and nonetheless resourceful.

Lisa Greghi

Featured Image Source: Still via Youtube // The Weekend Away starring Leighton Meester | Official Trailer | Netflix

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