The Best Met Gala Looks 2022

When it comes to the Met Gala, we all know the deal. Suddenly, we are no longer on the periphery, not audience members, mere consumers or even fans. We are fashion critics. Anna Wintour, respectfully step aside. At the Met Gala, we, the people decide what is hot or not.

Now, before we get into this I want you to know that I don’t think a good Met outfit has to be objectively ‘pretty’. My criteria is simply: brief, brief, brief (Stick to the status quo!), originality (we want to be wowed) and cohesion (things don’t have to match but we need flow). If an outfit hits all three marks, then it is officially H-O-T, hot!

The theme this year was ‘In America, An anthology of Fashion, Gilded Glamour.’ At first I thought this theme was easy to understand, surely it’s just Old Hollywood and gold right? Turns out I was wrong. After doing some research I found out that The Gilded Age was roughly the late 1800s to early 1900s. Fashion-wise and for those who could afford it, this period was one of corsets, jewel tones, a lot of décolletages, tuxes, top hats and more.

My Top 10 Looks 

10. Coming in at number 10 is Evan Mock. Many may know Mock as Akeno from the new Gossip Girl. He’s a stylish guy and although most of the men looked great, for me Mock was one of the few guys who not only understood the assignment but put his own twist on it. Check out the look HERE.

9. Megan Thee Stallion. Hot Girl Meg strikes again. The melanin, the wing-like sleeves, the gold and the make up worked in perfect harmony. See for yourself, here.

8.Stormzy. Shout out to Melissa’s Wardrobe- she’s done it again! Sleek and simple but very glamorous indeed. To check out this white look, click here.

7. Taylor Hill. The material of that dress just screamed wealth. The high boots. The pearl earrings. Even the strategic little wisps of hair above her face.  Though Hill’s dress was not the loudest, for me it hit the brief of Gilded Glamour. Check it out here.

6.Madelaine Petsch. If I were judging on brief alone, Petsch would have been in my top three. Her Moschino dress was beautiful and I especially loved the layered balloon sleeves. Click here to see this stunning golden number.

5.Nicola Coughlan. It was a no-brainer that Nicola was going to be high on the list, all those hours on Bridgerton certainly paid off. Gorgeous glam and a gorgeous dress. In my opinion, her look, just like her feathers, was perfectly balanced. Check it out here.

4.Genesis Suero. The news presenter from the Dominican Republic slayed. Suero was a former Miss New York beauty pageant contestant and she stole the show in her shimmering Princess-like gown. What do you think of this one?

3.Normani. Yes. Need I explain myself? According to my friends I do. Sure, Normani’s dress was all black and when you think ‘gilded’ you rest rightfully think ‘gold’. But the rich velvety black, the body, the hat! I loved it. Normani’s look was pure drama. She looked like an 19th century Lady going to her ex’s wake. For me, this is one of the looks that added some originality to the brief, hence it steals my number three spot! See for yourself, here.

2.Blake Lively. Serena Celia van der Woodsen has arrived. I think this brief suited Blake Lively; Gilded Glamour seems to be her general red carpet aesthetic anyway and she certainly did not disappoint! I’m sure you’ve seen this one all over social media but if not, you must check it out here.

1. My number one for the night was Cardi B and Donatella Versace. This was not an easy decision and originally they were in 7th place on my list. But after A LOT of thought, it just made senseZ The jewels, the duo, the drama- I loved it. These ladies were sparkling in bling, yet there was an elegance about both of their looks. What’s more Gilded Glamour than that? Take a look at the duo here.

There were many outfits that I liked and it was really hard to whittle down my list to only ten people. For the most part, what’s ‘hot’ or ‘not’ is dependent on personal taste and so an honourable mention must go to the fabulous people below who, although didn’t make my top ten, looked brilliant. 

  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Teyana Taylor 
  • Mindy Kailing
  • Laura Harrier 
  • Billie Eilish
  • Danai Gurira
  • Lizzo 
  • Sydney Sweeney
  • Cynthia Erivo 
  • Simone Ashley 
  • Christine Baranski
  • Ariana DeBose
  • Chloë Bailey 
  • Tessa Thompson 
  • Lori Harvey 
  • Jessica Chastain
  • Alicia Keys
  • Kris Jenner 
  • Sza 
  • Dove Cameron 
  • Anitta 

All in all, I’ve liked other Met Galas more but this one was still fun to see. I doubt there will ever be a Met where everyone loves each and every outfit but who cares anyway, it’s much more fun this way.  

Chloé Jarrett-Bell 

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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