The Summer 2022 Trends

Exeter university, or Paris fashion week? Everyday is a runway on campus. So what will the trends of the third term, or more importantly, the summer, be this season?

It’s exam time of year, and I for one know it’s too tempting to live in jogging bottoms and hoodies. But, step foot in the forum library, and it feels like everybody has stepped out of British Vogue. Campus has almost become my primary source of fashion inspiration (aside from pinterest scrolling, or Olivia Neill’s instagram), and it is clear this season’s summer outfits are here and here to stay. So, what exactly are they?

If you go to Exeter and have eyes, you will know the significance of (yep, you guessed it), cargo trousers. Urban Outfitters have been raided of their low waisted cargos, and the culprits are everywhere to be found on campus. And I can see why, comfortable, effortless, and can be matched with pretty much anything, these wardrobe staples have carried us through the winter season. But, undeniably, it has been done already. While I don’t think this is a trend that is shifting anytime soon, I think this season will see an adapted version for the summer. Naturally, this will come in the form of cargo skirts, and cargo shorts, which is not a revolutionary idea, but something I think we will be seeing a lot of. Furthermore, I would argue the natural, earthy beige colour most popular with these designs mirrors the new, muted era of summer fashion.

What do I mean by this? Think model off-duty. I think this year there will be a surge of going back to the basics. Last year, we did the brights, the clashing prints, the plastic rings, the beaded jewellery. After Covid and its lockdowns, I think that garish boldness was an expression of the freedom and excitement of being back out in the world. And we all loved it! It was fun, and happy, and that is just what we needed at the time. Fashion mirrors life, in that sense. So, in this year of being “back to normal”, I think this is also going to mean stripping fashion back to its basics.

Just look at Coachella. Timed perfectly before the beginning of the summer, events such as this, and the Met Gala have a way of both predicting and setting the trends that will follow. Just take fashion royalty duo Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at Coachella as a perfect example of this. Instead of opting for the Coachella glitter and awkward intricate outfits, both supermodels appeared almost underdressed, or, effortless. This made other influences look painfully like they were trying too hard. The “cool girl” can pull off denim shorts and neutral crop tops, and doesn’t need to try with the rest of it. This year, I think the summer is going to emphasise an “I just threw this on” attitude more than ever.

This also ties into the ever increasing importance of sustainable fashion. I think this year, we have seen more than ever some of our favourite influencers emphasising a “long term” wardrobe. This means investing in pieces that will stick around, things to keep forever. This comes in the form of neutral colours, of cuts and patterns that will never go out of style.

I think it is fair to say, this year is somewhat about the rejection of the “Micro-trend”. In my opinion, this is nothing but a good thing. Our clothes mean more when we wear them, and repeat wearing them. So, how is this achieved? Well, invest in pieces that really bring you joy to wear, and not just something you’ve seen on an Instagram ad. Really think about what you buy, and consequently build yourself a wardrobe that will last, made up of things that make you feel good, whatever they may be.

At the end of the day, fashion is expressive. At risk of sounding like a broken record, wear what makes you happy, and what makes you feel good and that’s what matters. There really is so much value in putting on your favourite clothes, and heading up to campus! For me, putting an outfit together is such a motivating factor to get out and get things done. So, give it a go. Who cares if it’s cargo skirts, or if it’s a matching sweatsuit, as long as you feel confident in it, campus is your catwalk this summer. Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to do the same!

– Elinor Wallis

Featured Image Source: via Pexels

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