Review: Lovestruck High

If you haven’t seen Lovestruck High yet, you’re in for a treat.

It’s not a tacky pre-teen romance novel (though I can see why you’d think it was from the name), but a British reality dating show.

All of the episodes are now out, after being released in three parts, so I now feel suitably qualified to give my opinions (and I have a lot of them).

Fifteen UK singles are taken back to high school where they date their classmates and make new friends.

However, they’re not signing up for your usual British comprehensive – this is Lovestruck High, modelled on the American high schools that we’ve seen in teen movies.

Although set in an American high school, filming took place in Devon, UK.

The aesthetic of the show is not unlike Sex Education: traditional boarding school meets American high school kitsch.

Narrated by Lindsay Lohan, she begins by explaining the different cliques you’ll find in every teen movie: “There’s jocks, Queen bees, the nerds.”

A Guardian review says that Lovestruck High is heavy on the unnecessary: each episode “takes on the reality TV tic of extensively recapping things that have just happened,” or giving futile explanations of things, and, as the review suggests, it could comfortably cut 20 minutes away from its running time by avoiding these.

The Guardian review also highlights the end of the third episode when a twist takes place and “the entire cast starts to act as if someone has dropped dead right in front of them.”

Yes, it is probably totally staged, but it’s also hilarious.

However, there’s also something enormously off – all but sinister, in fact – about the brand new Amazon dating show.

It just seems weird to shove fully grown adults into a school and make them do PE and maths.

That doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining, but it is undeniably a little odd in premise.

It may be the world’s latest objectively dreadful dating show, but, nonetheless, I’m lovestruck.

– Bridie Adams

Featured Image Source: Via Pexels

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