#RazzFilmFest 2022: Films by Women

You are cordially invited to RAZZ’s last project of the academic year: our virtual film festival! Over the next two weeks (4th July – 17th July), RAZZ will be publishing articles written by our society members concerning different films. Throughout the last few years topics such as International Film and Rom-Coms have been analysed by our writers. This year, we created a poll and the society members picked the theme:


For the next two weeks, articles will be released almost daily at 6pm that discuss a film that was directed by a woman. Films such as Wonder Woman, Little Women, American Psycho and Fish Tank will be features and many more. We believe that is is important to shine a spotlight on some of the films that are directed by women as they are often forgotten in the award shows and by critics. We especially want to highlight those that you may not realise are in fact directed by women. RAZZ writers will be exploring the themes of these films ranging from sisterhood, sexuality and identity. The articles also act as film recommendations and we suggest that you watch the film each day and then read the article – all of the films are available on streaming platforms or Box of Broadcasts, accessible to all University of Exeter students with your log in.

We hope you enjoy the last project of this year’s committee and at least some of the films we have chosen! Thank you for all your support throughout this academic year and thank you to all of the RAZZ writers who have written for us and trusted us with their work.

RAZZ love xoxo

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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