About RAZZ

RAZZ is the University of Exeter’s Arts, Culture and Lifestyle magazine. We publish articles, illustrations, photography and creative writing once or twice each term in the print magazine. Our website is also constantly updated with features, reviews and recipes to keep you up to date with local events and trends. The website reaches a worldwide audience and is very popular among students at the university. Whilst we are student-based, one of our key focuses is on the surrounding area, and how we can contribute to and enjoy what Exeter has to offer.

We are an Exeter University affiliated Society and have connections with numerous other societies on campus. We enjoy getting to know members of other societies and bringing everyone’s creative talents together. If you are a society that wants to be publicised/featured on RAZZ, or fancy joining up for an event, please let us know.

We also try and support as many local businesses and projects as we can. This means providing our members with the latest news and events at numerous different venues around the city, such as the RAMM Museum, the Northcott Theatre, the BikeShed Theatre, Exeter Phoenix, the Campus Cinema, the Cellar Door and Picturehouse, to name but a few!

2020/21 Online Editors: Miriam Higgs, Emily Coleman and Emma Vernon

2020/21 Print Editors: Emma Ingledew and Hannah Judge

2019/20 Online Editors: Katrina Bennett, Naomi Hart and Holly McSweeney 

2019/20 Print Editors: Charlotte Forrester and Jaimie Hampton

2018/19 Online Editors: Katrina Bennett and Eleanor-Rose Gordon

2018/19 Print Editors: Charlotte Forrester and Emily Stearn

2017/18 Online Editors: Connie Adams and Emily Stephenson                                           

2017/18 Print Editors: Jonny McKinnell and Helena Scott

2016/17 Online Editors: Sarah Turnnidge and Lucy Lincoln

2016/17 Print Editors: Anna Bonet and Hope Claydon

2015/16 Editors: Laura Leichtfried

2013/14 Editors: Toby Craddock and Claudia Hogan

2012/13 Editors: Rebecca Lodder and Kate Hird
Issue 14 [Spring 2013] Distortion and Control
Issue 13 [Winter 2012]: Serenity and Rush
Issue 12 [Autumn 2012]: Style and Drift

2011/12 Editors: Jess Weeks and Anna Holden
Issue 11 [Summer 2012]: Wonder and Chaos
Issue 10 [Spring 2012]: Beauty and Beginnings
Issue 9 [Winter 2011]: Mischief and Monsters
Issue Eight [Autumn 2011]: Imagination and Insanity 

2010/11 Editors: Ellie Walker-Arnott and Emma Vince
Issue 7 [Summer 2011]Culture and Creation
Issue 6 [Spring 2011]Love and Lost
Issue 5 [Winter 2010]Flights and Fantasy
Issue 4 [Autumn 2010]Fifties and Retro[spect]

2009/10 Editors: Melinda Greenacre
Issue 3 [2009]Power and Disguise

2008/9 Editors: Melinda Greenacre and Leanne Bingle
Issue 2 [2008]Rebellion & Future

2007/8: Editors: Lucy Osborne and Tanya Geddes
Issue 1 [2007]Identity & Journeys

Past issues can be found on the “read razz” page.

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