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The Definitive Easter Egg Ranking

Note: At RAZZ, we are of course aware that Easter is first and foremost a religious holiday. This article is not meant to offend or make light of anyone’s religious beliefs.  With Easter fast approaching, it is about time we started talking about the very important decision you have to make. You’re in Tesco, perusing the selection of Easter eggs…. Which one should you choose? … Continue reading The Definitive Easter Egg Ranking

Dating is Hard….: Will Stargazing make the Perfect First Date?

As I half-clambered, half-slid down the sloping sports hall roof with black paint on my butt, it became clear that I had finally experienced one of those awkward first dates which make great stories at parties — at the expense of the narrator. Even in the moment, I could find a glimmer of hilarity, but my main concern at that point was getting back to … Continue reading Dating is Hard….: Will Stargazing make the Perfect First Date?

Best Lockdown Buys: Themed Nights

Lockdown upon lockdown has either made time fly or crawl. One silver lining of this added time indoors is the necessary demand for creativity. Although, admittedly, much entertainment came from Netflix and alcohol… some stand out purchases really helped us through. Want company but housemates are at deadline central? No worries, just settle down with “Bones Jones” – our niche new housemate. This plastic skeleton … Continue reading Best Lockdown Buys: Themed Nights

Best Lockdown Buys: Hair Scissors

With hairdressers closed and my boyfriend and me both desperate for a trim, I decided to take matters into my own hands and order the cheapest hair scissors I could find off Amazon in February. Although the scissors arrived within no time, it took us a few more days to bring up the courage to make use of them. While I was bombarding my boyfriend … Continue reading Best Lockdown Buys: Hair Scissors

Interview: Siân Docksey from The Sex and Nature Salon

I interviewed Siân Docksey prior to the salon to ask her how she found out about this unique, yet fascinating opportunity, to which she replied, “way back in March when the world set on fire and everything just disintegrated in front of us, I lost all of my gigs. I was on a writer’s weekly mail out and there was an advert for joining a Creative Fellowship at the University”. After questioning whether being a ‘Fellow’ involved “[walking] around in a cravat [tipping your] hat at people”, she soon discovered that the University of Exeter’s Arts and Culture team recruits three Creative Fellows a year, who work with academics to enhance their area of research. So, “it’s a bit like speed dating,” Siân noted, laughing. As if by fate, Siân was partnered with Dr Ina Linge, an expert in “The Politics of Sexual Nature”. Continue reading Interview: Siân Docksey from The Sex and Nature Salon

Steamy Scandals: Literary Representations of Sex

Given we all have more spare time because of lockdown, I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that I’ve been reading some books with a few spicy scenes. Especially with the likes of Bridgerton being released on Netflix in January, a lot of the popular books have a steamy romance at the heart of their narrative. The intimate parts of any novel always walk a … Continue reading Steamy Scandals: Literary Representations of Sex

Discreet under the Sheets

Enthralled with journalistic spirit, I initially took this article up in the hopes of getting Exeter-wide data about the trials and tribulations of discreet sex in lockdown. My ambitious naivety led me to set up a questionnaire on ‘Overheard in Exeter’, hoping that amongst the thousands of students I would receive hundreds of responses detailing personal experiences. In reality, only nine people responded. To add … Continue reading Discreet under the Sheets

Review: Comedy Society’s Is This Thing Still On?

Exeter Comedy Society has hilariously satirised the dismal state of society during the pandemic in their new online sketch, Is This Thing Still On?, complete with pedantic ‘Karen’ neighbours, domestic drama and the typically dysfunctional Zoom seminar. I will do my best to highlight some of my favourite sketches without spoiling too much of the show. I definitely recommend giving it a watch as, to be honest, what else could you possibly be doing in tier 3, (if by some miracle you are not, I have nothing but contempt for you) other than feeling guilty about ignoring University work. Continue reading Review: Comedy Society’s Is This Thing Still On?

Halloween at Home

I think we can all agree that this year has been filled with enough horror to last us a lifetime; but the only way this nightmare could get worse, is by taking away my favourite time of the year. Halloween has been a fundamental holiday throughout my life and if you think I’m letting COVID-19 stop me from getting into the spooky spirit, you can … Continue reading Halloween at Home