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The Pressures of the “Summer Bod”

There is one thing that can certainly determine the start of summer: a beach day. I went to the beach for what felt like the first time in forever this week after finishing my first-year exams, and although ecstatic, I couldn’t help but feel anxious all day long. It got me thinking, to what extent are these anxieties my own insecurities or an internalized response … Continue reading The Pressures of the “Summer Bod”

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The Best Met Gala Looks 2022

When it comes to the Met Gala, we all know the deal. Suddenly, we are no longer on the periphery, not audience members, mere consumers or even fans. We are fashion critics. Anna Wintour, respectfully step aside. At the Met Gala, we, the people decide what is hot or not. Now, before we get into this I want you to know that I don’t think a … Continue reading The Best Met Gala Looks 2022

A Dark Day Indeed: ‘Black Friday’ and Mass Consumerism

Black Friday hasn’t always been about big sales in the run-up to Christmas. Some of the earliest uses of the term ‘Black Friday’ were in reference to the US gold market crash of 1869 and stock market crash of 1929. In the 1950s, police in Philadelphia used the term ‘Black Friday’ to refer to the day after Thanksgiving and the chaos that ensued when huge … Continue reading A Dark Day Indeed: ‘Black Friday’ and Mass Consumerism

2021 is the New 90s: Recycling Fashion Trends

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has become harder for new and exciting fashion trends to emerge on the scene. Many designers and creators have noted how difficult it has been to create content when homebound. However, there is one particular decade that we have turned to during this time of increased isolation: the 90s. But what is the reasoning behind the resurgence of iconic fashion trends from the 90s? Is it because there has been nothing else to do except rummage through our parents’ wardrobes? Or has binge-watch classic TV shows and films brought about this sudden desire to hark back to the decade that gave us so many awe-inspiring fashion movements? Images of icons, such as Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell and Winona Ryder are resurfacing on the internet and within the fashion world, inspiring those who are keen to embody the 90s look. Continue reading 2021 is the New 90s: Recycling Fashion Trends

Life after Lockdown: Fabric Shopping

It’s rather niche, perhaps very niche, but the thing I was looking forward to most and will continue to look forward to, as we crawl towards a sense of normality and shops reopen, is fabric shopping. Life after lockdown seemed so far away when the cold and dark winter months crawled on, but we are here (well, sort of). Of course, I’m most looking forward … Continue reading Life after Lockdown: Fabric Shopping

Review: Worn Stories

What do an astronaut, Tina Turner’s former saxophonist, a former convict, and a congresswoman have in common? They all have a piece of clothing to which they connect a defining moment in their life – and they all feature in Worn Stories. The Netflix production based on Emily Spivack’s eponymous book launched on April 1st and was created by Jenji Kohan. If her name sounds familiar to you, you might remember it from the opening credits of Orange Is the New Black, which she produced. Continue reading Review: Worn Stories

When Does Cultural Appreciation Become Cultural Appropriation When it Comes to Marketing?

Cultural appropriation seems to be a phrase that’s coming up more and more frequently on social media, particularly in conversations surrounding the fashion industry. Many popular fashion companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Savage X Fenty, Gucci, and Prada have been accused of cultural appropriation in designs and marketing. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the practices, customs, or aesthetics of one social or ethnic group by members of another (typically dominant) community or society.” A deeper understanding of cultural appropriation refers to when people in the dominant culture in society take elements from a culture that has previously been systematically oppressed. This means that in 2012 when Karlie Kloss walked down the Victoria’s Secret Runway wearing underwear paired with a Native American headdress, suede fringe, and turquoise jewellery the Navajo people were deeply offended as the outfit disrespected and trivialised their culture. When designers take inspiration from other people’s cultures, it lets them show a love for the cultural aesthetic. The caveat of that is that often, in doing so, these designers remain prejudiced against its people. Continue reading When Does Cultural Appreciation Become Cultural Appropriation When it Comes to Marketing?

Interview: Kia from Nudes By Kia

As part of RAZZ’s SHAG Week, Caitlin Barr had the privilege of interviewing creator Kia, the founder of the queer owned UK business Nudes By Kia, which turns “people’s own nudes into wearable art”. Caitlin and Kia spoke about the genesis of their business, and why they think that reclaiming and celebrating your body is so important. Their discussion follows: Continue reading Interview: Kia from Nudes By Kia