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Sex Toys: How to Add a New Dimension to Your Bedroom

One of the most frequent reactions to the idea of using adult toys for the first time is a feeling of reluctance, and potentially of discomfort. Many of us might not even completely register where our hesitation to experiment with sex toys comes from – oftentimes, it originates from fears associated with venturing into the unknown. In the modern age, stigma also stems from a … Continue reading Sex Toys: How to Add a New Dimension to Your Bedroom

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Sex on Screen

As part of SHAG week, RAZZ writer Lulu Bullman explores the depiction of sex on the big screen. Sex on screen can either set hearts racing or cause feelings of embarrassment and unease – especially if you find yourself in that awkward situation, watching a programme with the rest of your family, sitting in stone cold silence as you view a scene that no one … Continue reading Sex on Screen

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Can Pornography Be Useful?

Pornography is undeniably a sensitive and controversial topic, because despite how many people consume it, can be undeniably harmful, especially for younger people. Many of the porn videos include extreme content that is abusive and disrespectful. However, pornography can also have a positive role in adults’ lives, a topic that shouldn’t surprise, considering that everything has both positive and negative sides.  Continue reading Can Pornography Be Useful?

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Too Much or Not Enough? Navigating the Spectrum of Sexual Empowerment

at some point. Post night out, post first date, post random encounter at a festival, it feels like a natural follow up question. On the one hand, we’re very lucky that sex is such an open conversation nowadays. It isn’t shameful, it isn’t scandalous, and it doesn’t have to revolve around a relationship.  But I think there is also still a very formulaic approach to it. You either sleep with people or you don’t. In reality, I don’t think any one person has the exact same opinion on sex as the next, and so, the conversations around need it to be broadened. For something so deeply personal, is there really such a thing as too much or not enough? Continue reading Too Much or Not Enough? Navigating the Spectrum of Sexual Empowerment

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The Trials and Tribulations of Putting a Tampon in for the First Time

I have always been an early bloomer, something that was inevitable and happened to my parents too. In primary school, I was head and shoulders above the boys – which was slightly embarrassing for someone who also had braces and acne by the age of ten. When I was in year five, I had my first period, and by the summer before high school, it … Continue reading The Trials and Tribulations of Putting a Tampon in for the First Time

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Meat Free, Taste Free?

Being vegetarian or vegan is becoming more and more inclusive with restaurants having far more meat and dairy free options to choose from, an array of different products in supermarkets to buy and even some vegetarian and vegan only menus becoming available at restaurants . It however, it still much harder to be a vegetarian or vegan with so many places being dominated with meaty … Continue reading Meat Free, Taste Free?

Wear It Like Lizzo

Lizzo made headlines recently for her stunning appearance at Cardi B’s 29th birthday party in a sheer dress. As an equally dazzling number of people have commented, the gown did not leave much to the imagination. Cardi B’s party, which took place at LA River Studios, had a ‘dancehall’ theme and a star-studded guest list. Across the board, there was no shortage of fishnet-esque dresses, … Continue reading Wear It Like Lizzo

The September Scaries

Regardless of how many lists we’ve made or stationery items we’ve acquired, starting a new academic year, whether we’re ten or twenty, can be fairly daunting. September is most definitely a month of change, and like the start of a new calendar year can be associated as a time to start afresh. It brings an unspoken pressure to socialise more, join a whole load of societies all whilst staying ahead of your workload. If we reflect on this shortlist I think we can begin to acknowledge that it’s unrealistic. The more we understand the unmeasurable amount of pressure placed on students, the more we can see that these are more likely to lead to a breakdown as opposed to a breakthrough. Continue reading The September Scaries

A True ‘Hot Girl Summer’

This summer was the first occasion we could begin to relax from the pandemic by going out and experiencing social life thanks to eased restrictions. This opportunity comes with many expectations and challenges. During lockdown many people turned to junk food for comfort, sacrificing physical activity with the excuse it would not have mattered this year, or believing there would have been time to make up for the indulgences. The social expectation of displaying a perfect body in summer resulted in many people taking quick fixes to shrink their figure or alter their appearance. Furthermore, going back to normality and enjoying other people’s company can constitute a challenge in itself, inducing people to either search for human contact in potentially unsafe ways, or alternatively remaining inside despite the ease of the government’s measures.  Continue reading A True ‘Hot Girl Summer’