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Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Wordle?

Surely, you’ve heard of Wordle, the word-guessing game which has “well and truly cemented itself as a part of 2022’s pop culture”. However, if you’ve been living under a rock and still have no idea what Wordle is, let alone why everyone is obsessed with it, allow me to explain. As I’ve mentioned, Wordle is a word-guessing game: you have six goes to guess a … Continue reading Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Wordle?

The Best Podcasts for Lockdown Listening

Lockdown is boring. It really is. One can only bake so much banana bread and tolerate so many Zoom quizzes. Therefore, the question of 2020 has become: ‘what shall I do now?’
Solution: Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to fill the hours because you can listen to them whilst you do other things, such as run, take a bath, or bake the tenth banana bread of the day. Below is a selection of some of my all-time favourite podcasts: Continue reading The Best Podcasts for Lockdown Listening

Living Presently in a Pandemic

You’re confined to your house, have one contact hour a week (where your lecturer spends thirty minutes trying to work out how breakout rooms work), and you can’t help but ask yourself “when is this all going to blow over?” as you devour another batch of your housemate’s cookies. We’ve all been there, but how can we try to simmer down our anxiety riddled brains? As a third year student endeavouring to finish a degree, work a part time job, and not have a mental breakdown during a global pandemic, I have found that practicing mindfulness and taking time to meditate helps to ground me in the present moment and keep me from getting too overwhelmed. We’re all so busy, especially as term starts to pick up, and sometimes we feel guilty for what appears to be sitting down and doing nothing. But maintaining your own mental state is as productive as exercising your body or making a meal and is necessary in preventing burn out and generally supporting your mental health. Continue reading Living Presently in a Pandemic

Zoos in Lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought with it uncertainty and hardship for everyone. With families split, businesses closed, and many staff furloughed, life has been turned upside down indefinitely. However, for some businesses COVID-19 has placed excessive strain on the existence of their assets and zoos are at the forefront of these hardships. After being closed due to lockdown in March, zoos have been relying on charity from the public to maintain their animals for almost three months. Zoos require daily management in order to feed, clean, and care for the thousands of animals that they house, and the extended and unexpected closures had the potential to be devastating for many of these wild animals across the country. Despite zoos being allowed to reopen on the Monday 15 June 2020, the lack of income over the last few months has meant that many zoos (including Living Coasts in Torquay) have been force to announce their permanent closures. Continue reading Zoos in Lockdown

Love in the Time of Corona

They say the first few months of a new relationship is the getting to know one another phase, the honeymoon phase, the we’re going to stay together forever stage. It is a blissful beginning decorated in dates and coloured in clichés. What is not expected, advisable or even preferable is to start a relationship when a national pandemic is declared. Continue reading Love in the Time of Corona

Acknowledging Uncertainty: How Coronavirus has Changed the Way We Plan For the Future

Our lives are mapped around referential points. We all have calendars littered with birthdays, exams, parties, graduation ceremonies, interviews, visits to friends, events, plays, holidays, gigs. None of us live purely spontaneously. For decades modern life has functioned on the presumption that imposing order onto our immediate futures will make us more productive, prompt and predictable. Life is prearranged invisibly around us, marked by the constant promises of the near future, what’s coming next, what will I be doing tomorrow? Continue reading Acknowledging Uncertainty: How Coronavirus has Changed the Way We Plan For the Future

Coming Home: The Unexpected End to My Year Abroad

On the 11th of March the sun was shining in Aarhus and I’d spent the afternoon with my friend Taran, wandering around the deer park and being true Brits abroad eating fish and chips at Aarhus Street Food. It was a bitter-sweet afternoon, coming shortly after my friends and I had decided to cancel our upcoming travel plans to Vienna and Budapest, in the midst of what would soon become a global pandemic. Continue reading Coming Home: The Unexpected End to My Year Abroad