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Discover Devon: Exmoor National Park

Exmoor, the national park on the North Devon coast, may be more difficult to get to than Dartmoor but, it is nevertheless worth a visit. I recently took a trip to Exmoor and was very pleasantly surprised by a lovely few days of walking. Spanning the coastline, moorland, farmland and some beautiful villages and towns, Exmoor has a little something for everyone. I headed on … Continue reading Discover Devon: Exmoor National Park

Review: Nora: A Doll’s House

A reworking of Henrik Isben’s 1879 groundbreaking play, ‘Nora: A Doll’s House’ by Stefi Smith was beautifully adapted by Exeter University Theatre Company in this production. The play features three simultaneous versions of Nora in 1918, 1968 and 2018 – with the years aligning themselves with significant moments in the feminist movement  To execute what is essentially three versions of the same play at the … Continue reading Review: Nora: A Doll’s House

Discover Devon: Okehampton

For those looking for an easy getaway from Exeter to explore more of the Devon countryside, Okehampton is the perfect place. Right on the edge of Dartmoor, Okehampton is a classic old Devonshire market town. It is only half an hour away by car, or around 40 minutes on the train, making it the perfect place for a study-break day out. No matter what your … Continue reading Discover Devon: Okehampton

Culture Comforts: Shakesbeers, France

The opportunity to spend a year studying abroad in Grenoble, France, promised a comprehensive cultural experience: lazy nights spent by the Isère River drinking Carrefour’s finest €2 bottle of wine, evening hikes up the Bastille to watch the sunset over the city’s extensive urban panorama, and weekly trips to the Deux Alpes where I attempt to ski without falling flat on my face (‘attempt’ being … Continue reading Culture Comforts: Shakesbeers, France

Subtitles on Screen: The Expansion of World Cinema

When it comes to World Cinema, there is little that can be said without mentioning in some capacity the phenomenon that was Parasite. Winning ‘Best Picture’ (the first foreign film ever to win in this category) among many other awards at the 2020 Oscars it really felt as if the barrier of subtitles was finally dissolving. As director Bong Joon-ho said in his acceptance speech, … Continue reading Subtitles on Screen: The Expansion of World Cinema

Education Outside Europe?

 “In terms of insights, I’ve found my world view has changed.“ – Georgia, Leeds University “…being on Erasmus FORCED me to see the world from so many different ways and it’s made me a kinder, more understanding person.” – Becca, Greenwich University Nicola Sturgeon described the government’s decision to pull out of the Erasmus programme as “cultural vandalism” in a Tweet on the day Britain’s … Continue reading Education Outside Europe?

Cruise Ships and Covid-19: An Opportunity to Re-Examine the Travel Industry

Cruise ships represent the immensity of travel in the modern world. The access to oceanic space from the luxury and comfort onboard is part of the mass appeal for consumers, but there is a darker side to the glistening structures that line our waters. Often dubbed as ‘floating cities’, despite their testament to modern engineering, the industry is an environmental disaster. In the adversity of lockdown, there have been enormous economic pressures and questions over the future of travel across the globe. However, the current pandemic and suspension of most of the cruise industry’s activities have also afforded a unique opportunity to re-examine the environmental impact of these ships, and whether a green recovery is possible. Continue reading Cruise Ships and Covid-19: An Opportunity to Re-Examine the Travel Industry

Holiday at Home?

The holiday culture first took over the UK in the eighteenth century, when the wealthy began to discover spa breaks in places like Bath. By the nineteenth century, holiday resorts across the UK such as Blackpool and Southport first opened. Although foreign holidays were popular in the twentieth century, they appeared only available to the rich. For any fellow fans of A Room With A … Continue reading Holiday at Home?

Coming Home: The Unexpected End to My Year Abroad

On the 11th of March the sun was shining in Aarhus and I’d spent the afternoon with my friend Taran, wandering around the deer park and being true Brits abroad eating fish and chips at Aarhus Street Food. It was a bitter-sweet afternoon, coming shortly after my friends and I had decided to cancel our upcoming travel plans to Vienna and Budapest, in the midst of what would soon become a global pandemic. Continue reading Coming Home: The Unexpected End to My Year Abroad