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Creative Corner: ‘Love is a pink candy floss gremlin, hiding under a rock.’

They say: love is mysterious, love is beautiful, love is iridescent and glittering, something ethereal and sublime – and hey, who am I to say that it’s not? But for most of us, being the imperfect obsessive creatures that we are, love has a little stubby turned up nose like a bat and glinting pointed claws and fur sticking up in spikes. Skittering, scattering, sniffling … Continue reading Creative Corner: ‘Love is a pink candy floss gremlin, hiding under a rock.’

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New Labour Revisited

“A new dawn has broken, has it not?” was Tony Blair’s first question to the country aftersecuring a landslide 179-seat majority in May 1997. Britain was buzzing; the Cold Warwas over, the country was experiencing a cultural revival with popular culturecelebrating this new sense of ‘Britishness’ (we all remember the significant culturalmoment that was Geri Halliwell in that Union Jack dress!) and the youthful, slick … Continue reading New Labour Revisited

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Creative Corner- Enough

I used to take the long way home,Just to prolong the feelingOf being on my way to see you.Maybe I mistook anticipation for joy —Footsteps propelled forward by the sound ofAretha Franklin’s voice and the promise that soonMy cold mouth would be kissed.I note the subtlety of other small remembrances;Spraying my wrists with scents of peach and jasmine,Brushing the taste of the night off my … Continue reading Creative Corner- Enough

Reading Corner: Milkweed

Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli is a difficult book to describe to someone who has never read it. Perhaps “haunting” is the most appropriate adjective. This book follows the life of a young boy known as Misha, orphaned and living on the streets of Warsaw, Poland when World War II strikes. The story is told from Misha’s perspective, which is one of extraordinary innocence due to … Continue reading Reading Corner: Milkweed

Bookstore Politics: Sally Rooney’s Translation Trouble

You’ve probably heard of Sally Rooney, the mastermind behind Normal People, Conversations with Friendsand most recently, Beautiful World, Where Are You. At just thirty years of age, Rooney has gathered much critical acclaim and success, along with a lot of publicity and people have been eagerly awaiting her latest book and whilst it has been met with significant praise, discussion has also turned toward her decision not to translate the book into Hebrew.  Continue reading Bookstore Politics: Sally Rooney’s Translation Trouble

Creative Corner: ‘A Strange Morning’

He wakes up like any other day: with a jolt from a dream. Today it was odd, but the memory slips from him the more he tries to grasp it. After a few moments, he sits up in his warm bed, slowly pushing off the many layers of blankets. He stands up on unsteady legs, the kind that only come from waking up too quickly … Continue reading Creative Corner: ‘A Strange Morning’

Creative Corner: Recurring Dream

I’m in a wood and it’s dark. Trees compete to thrust their limbs Above the earth. Their branches twine and tease, Threading my hair into knots, Wet as moss. I’m in a wood and I’m running, And the leaves lash out harder than my pace. They smack me like shadows, Full of reproach, Carrying the night forward, onwards, forever. In the shortest breath, I hear … Continue reading Creative Corner: Recurring Dream


After the success of her first two novels, Sally Rooney published her latest novel Beautiful World, where are you, to critical acclaim. RAZZ writer Elinor Wallis discusses how and why Rooney has become so popular in recent years. Wallis suggest how Rooney is able to standout from the rest while noting how accurately she is able to capture the zeitgeists of young people growing up in an ever changing world? Continue reading Roomania