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Facebook: RAZZ Magazine
Twitter: @razzmag
Instagram: @razzmagexeter

The 2020/21 Team

Online Editor and Co-President: Miriam Higgs

RAZZ 2 - Miriam Higgs Online Editor:Co-President

Print Editor and Co-President: Emma Ingledew

RAZZ Emma Ingledew - Print Editor:Co-President

Deputy Online Editor: Emma Vernon

RAZZ 3 - Deputy Online Editor - Emma Vernon

Deputy Online Editor: Emily Coleman 


Deputy Print Editor: Hannah Judge

RAZZ 5 - Deputy Print Editor - Hannah Judge

Creative Director: Hollie Piff

RAZZ 6 - Creative Director - Hollie Piff

Publicity Officer: Esther Huntington-Whiteley

RAZZ 9 - Publicity Officer - Esther Huntington-Whiteley

Copy Editor: Abi Smuts

RAZZ 7 - Print Copy Editor, Abi Smuts

Copy Editor: Katya Green 

RAZZ 8 - Print Copy Editor - Katya Green

Photo Editor: Bella Judd

RAZZ 13 - Photo Editor - Bella Judd

Outreach Officer: Caitlin Barr

RAZZ 10 - Outreach Officer - Caitlin Barr

Social Secretary: Katie Dunbar

RAZZ 11 - Social Secretary - Katie Dunbar

Treasurer: James Meredith 

RAZZ 12 - Treasurer - James Meredith

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  1. Hi Gary,
    Sorry about this, we got your image from VisitSouthDevon website and cited this source of the image at the bottom of the article under the title ‘Featured Image Source’. Your branding wasn’t on the image on the VisitSouthDevon site so we didn’t realise that had been cut off. We’re a very small student publication meaning we can’t afford to pay for images, so I’ve now taken your photo down from the site. Apologies again.

    Best wishes,
    RAZZ Magazine

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