Booked In With Jess: 7

Snugville Street is somewhat of a strange title, giving next to nothing away about Angeline King’s self-published novel. Set in Belfast, the story depicts iconic places including Botanic Gardens, the Ulster Museum, Shankill and Falls roads and Methodist College. Belfast is an important place to me, full of people I care about, and I very luckily managed to spend a couple of months working in … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 7

A Chat With Angeline King

Angeline King, author of Snugville Street, describes her book as: “a family drama bursting with comedy and sadness, centred around a French exchange in West Belfast.” After receiving praise for her work in Northern Ireland, she took time out of her busy schedule to chat about her book and her writing for those of us across the sea that are yet to experience Snugville Street. … Continue reading A Chat With Angeline King