Booked In With Jess: 15

You know when you walk into Waterstones, or any book shop for that matter, and one cover jumps out at you instantly? That’s exactly what happened to me when I saw Laura Barnett’s The Versions Of Us last year. Being a poor student, I left the novel for the time being, promising myself I would definitely get a copy at some point. Guess what? I … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 15

Booked In With Jess: 9

Christmas. Time off from university and work, meaning even more time to immerse yourself in a good book. If you’re looking for something Christmas-themed to get you in the festive spirit then I have just the recommendation. Flashback to summer when I was lucky enough to be soaking up the sun in Greece with Giovanna Fletcher’s Dream A Little Dream which I absolutely loved. They … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 9

Booked In With Jess: 8

Everyone knows of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby but fewer know of his contemporary, author of Double Indemnity, James M. Cain. Interested to explore other 1920s-30s novels that depict the American dream and further my knowledge in the roots of noir fiction, I picked up one of Cain’s most famous works The Postman Always Rings Twice. The story centres on Frank, a “bum” who can’t stay … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 8

Booked In With Jess: 7

Snugville Street is somewhat of a strange title, giving next to nothing away about Angeline King’s self-published novel. Set in Belfast, the story depicts iconic places including Botanic Gardens, the Ulster Museum, Shankill and Falls roads and Methodist College. Belfast is an important place to me, full of people I care about, and I very luckily managed to spend a couple of months working in … Continue reading Booked In With Jess: 7