Creative Corner: Developing a YouTube Channel

Lately I have been very inspired and motivated to develop my social media and my presence on the web as a writer. After feeding on multiple classes on productivity and development I understood that discipline is the only secret recipe to grow and reach your goals in every domain. This realisation boosted my intention to finally stop complaining about my lack of attention and development on social media, motivating me to start acting on that issue in a concrete way. I have been posting on YouTube for quite some time and stopped growing with my subscribers a long time ago. This lack of growth was due to my inconsistency in the platform and my constant belief that my content was not promoted by the platform. It was YouTube’s fault if I was not growing right? Continue reading Creative Corner: Developing a YouTube Channel

Best Lockdown Buys: Stickers

I have always loved stickers, so much so that I started collecting them when my school encountered the trend (although other kids happened to have better stickers than I had). Fast forward to now, I translated my childhood passion to my early adulthood, deciding to use stickers to increase my productivity, helping me to achieve the tasks I found hard to stick to.  Thanks to … Continue reading Best Lockdown Buys: Stickers

Reading Corner: To Imagination: Reflecting on Emily Brontë’s Poetry

Most of us turn to Wuthering Heights when we think of one of our most esteemed writers – Emily Brontë, and understandably so. Her first and only novel (owing to her premature death), is a work of genius which laces together desire, grief, and the inner workings of the human psyche with the gothic setting of the vast Yorkshire Moors. I first read Wuthering Heights … Continue reading Reading Corner: To Imagination: Reflecting on Emily Brontë’s Poetry

The Healthy Helena: Food and Mood

Whilst it’s well known that eating a healthy, balanced diet is beneficial for our physical health, people are often unaware of the impact our nutrition has on our mental health. With the current bleak and often stressful environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, comfort foods are tempting ways to lift our spirits. However, sugary treats and processed foods can often have the reverse effects, and it is important to nourish and nurture your body with the right nutrition in order to feel your finest. Continue reading The Healthy Helena: Food and Mood

RAZZ Recommends: How to Cope with Your New Housemates aka, Your Parents

So, we have entered a third national lockdown. After the announcements in March and November, you would think that Boris Johnson and his Government would have a checklist of important information to include in a lockdown briefing. Unfortunately, this list seems to have been lost, mistakenly taken on a trip to Waitrose, leaving Boris to babble behind his podium, staring at a post-it with fruit, veg and toothpaste scribbled on it. Once again, university students were left puzzled on 4 January and were presented with a choice: to return or to stay home. Continue reading RAZZ Recommends: How to Cope with Your New Housemates aka, Your Parents

Festive Favourites: The Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to stare longingly into Jude Law’s eyes, and there’s no better way to do so than by watching The Holiday this Christmas. I religiously watch The Holiday every year, and it’s particularly great for the beginning of December when you’re easing into the Christmas spirit because it isn’t that Christmassy. It’s one of those Christmas films that happens at Christmas but could, equally, happen at any time of the year. This year, while watching The Holiday with my housemates, I realised what makes it quite so enjoyable — it is absolutely ridiculous. Continue reading Festive Favourites: The Holiday

Reading Corner: Wilt by Tom Sharpe

Wilt (1976) by Tom Sharpe is probably the funniest book I have ever read. And I’m talking laugh out loud funny. As an English student with months and months of lockdown stretching ahead of me, I probably should have made a list of every great Victorian novel and slowly made my way through them with a sense of dignified purpose and achievement. Obviously, this was not the case and, as my Netflix history will prove, I have spent very little of this holiday actually reading. However, once I picked up Wilt, I forgot all about a fourth binge of the entirety of Community (shocking, I know) and was hooked. Continue reading Reading Corner: Wilt by Tom Sharpe