Cooking and Conversation

They say the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself, but for me it is a sign I’m cooking. I admit, there is a certain flair of insanity to my culinary methods. I defy measuring, exchange ingredients routinely, and follow recipes how I follow most advice – listening but rarely enacting. Cooking is a language for me. I’ve confessed and drank wine with Nigella, I’ve laughed and ranted with Ramsay, and I’ve questioned Oliver on many occasions. Cooking is a warm hello in the shape of tender meat and clouds of mash, it is an apology sweetened with strawberries, it is a declaration of love infused with chillies, and it is a get well soon in the shape of a bowl of garden vegetable soup. Continue reading Cooking and Conversation

Dinner Party Recipe: Roast Beef

There is something about a roast that demands an occasion. It also happens to be nice and simple. For what ultimately is it other than a lump of meat (or veg for that matter) whacked in a hot oven for some time? So with a little dressing up, a roast makes an impressive, but manageable dinner party main course. A topside of beef provides a sizeable cut of meat that is not too pricey, around which you can plan what ever veg is to hand, on sale or in season.  Continue reading Dinner Party Recipe: Roast Beef

Classic Mince Pies Recipe

Mince pies might seem too much of a faff to bother making at home, but once you can make shortcrust pastry they are actually rather simple. They will also be far better than even the fancier shop-bought ones, which tend to have overly sweet crumbly pastry more akin to shortbread than pastry. Plus, the dried fruit in mincemeat clearly counts as one of your five a day, right? Continue reading Classic Mince Pies Recipe

‘The English Pear’ Pizzas

We’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like pizza – it’s so comforting, versatile and fun to make that we can’t ever imagine getting bored of it. Here we’ve used a BBC Good Food recipe for the pizza base dough (we’re not bread masters, sorry) and then came up with a couple of yummy toppings for you. A pizza and prosecco night would be the perfect … Continue reading ‘The English Pear’ Pizzas

Razz’s Favourite Recipes

“I love trying new recipes, but I can’t help having favourites.”   The best, moist chocolate cake Vegetarian Serves: 10-12 slices Baking time: 35 mins Ingredients For the cake: 225g plain flour 275g caster sugar 75g cocoa 2 teaspoons of instant coffee 2 teaspoons of baking powder 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda 175ml milk 175ml vegetable or olive oil (olive oil has a stronger … Continue reading Razz’s Favourite Recipes

Ruby Tandoh’s ‘Eat Up!’ Book Event

Food today is confusing. Well, perhaps not food itself, but the exhausting narratives of diet culture, wellness, good fats and bad fats certainly permeates into our brains and dictates to us, like a toxic friend, what we should be eating. In this landscape, I’ve often wondered why I’m craving a simple cheddar cheese sandwich on puffy white bread, like the ones from my childhood, when … Continue reading Ruby Tandoh’s ‘Eat Up!’ Book Event