Review: The Body Remembers

RAZZ’s BAME officer Ana Anajuba reviews Heather Agyepong’s solo dance performance which took place at Exeter’s Phoenix earlier this month. Created and performed by artist, dancer, and actor Heather Agyepong, The Body Remembers is an innovatively interwoven piece of theatre that utilised visual and audio elements to present a deep exploration of trauma and movement within the body, specifically in Black British women. It delves … Continue reading Review: The Body Remembers

Dance and Dreams in Divines

The French movie Divines (2016), directed by Uda Benyamina, looks into the tragic reality of people that are not born privileged and have to find their place in the world, making money and becoming adults a lot sooner than their peers. Dounia is a young adult searching for her identity in a very unfair world. Her mother is not concerned about her wellbeing and the … Continue reading Dance and Dreams in Divines

A Playlist for Valentine’s Day

As someone who has experienced both the customs of a relationship and the independence of single life, I can firmly attest that nothing quite taps into those feelings like the perfect steamy playlist. Whether you’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day happily single or in company, this collection of incredibly smooth R&B tunes is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Continue reading A Playlist for Valentine’s Day

Hard To Say Goodbye: Cheesy Tuesdays

Ah, Cheesy Tuesdays. How I wish I hadn’t taken you for granted. I used to scoff at any suggestion to return to the sticky tiles of the Unit 1 dance floor, with a VK in hand, pressed up against eager, sweaty freshers. “Will they ever change the playlist?” I would cry. “If I have to hear that bloody Grease mash-up one more time, I will go up to the DJ and sock him one for lack of creativity!” What a fool I look now, pining after one last predictable, old-fashioned cheesy boogie whenever ABBA plays on the radio. Hindsight is a wonderful, heart-breaking thing. Continue reading Hard To Say Goodbye: Cheesy Tuesdays

Introduction to K-pop

How does K-pop work? Let’s get the basics down first.

K-pop stars, referred to as idols, are singers, dancers, and/or rappers. They may be part of a group, or a soloist (though sometimes, an idol in a group may release a solo, whilst continuing to promote and be a part of their group!) They’re also skilled at variety, as a big part of their job when promoting their music is to go on variety programs, such as Weekly Idol or Hello Counsellor. In fact, an idol’s personality is a crucial aspect of their career, as the genre greatly depends on an idol’s persona to attract and maintain a loyal fanbase (which then gets its own specific name. That’s why you’ll hear BTS fans be referred to as Army).  Continue reading Introduction to K-pop

Review: Richard Alston Dance Company @ Exeter Northcott

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Emotional, contemporarily balletic and deeply European.

Richard Alston has been at the forefront of contemporary ballet for decades and this, his final tour, serves as a reminder of the choreographer’s opus and reach. His training with Merce Cunningham and subsequent work as director of world-renowned Ballet Rambert has had an immeasurable effect on the contemporary dance scene and environment. The evening’s programme presented four competent, moving, complex and beautiful pieces.

We were treated first to Voices and Light Footsteps, which finds images of flowing line and courtship in Monteverdi’s madrigals. The emulation of Italian renaissance dances brings the music to life, though the focus on moves which ground the dancers, with only a few lifts and leaps, makes for a slow and heavy feeling start to the proceedings. Continue reading Review: Richard Alston Dance Company @ Exeter Northcott

Review: Showcase- Jazz Orchestra and Ballroom & Latin Society

A chance to get all dressed up and attend the Exeter University Great Hall, alive with lights, jazzy tunes and spectacular dance numbers – what more could you want from a Monday evening? The Exeter University Ballroom and Latin Society and Jazz Orchestra Showcase promised to be “an unforgettable journey through Hollywood classics” and it did not disappoint. The atmosphere was filled with energy and expectation as audience members began to arrive and dancers milled around in their costumes for the opening number. The private bar and black-tie dress code added to the event’s glamour, with some people really committing in their DJs and posh frocks. My housemates and I certainly appreciated the opportunity to get out our classy velvet dresses without a £40 ball ticket usually characteristic of a Uni black-tie event! Continue reading Review: Showcase- Jazz Orchestra and Ballroom & Latin Society

Preview: Showcase-Jazz Orchestra & Ballroom and Latin Society

Enjoy live music? Want to get dressed up on a gloomy Monday evening? This Monday (25th November) you can be transported into Hollywood for a night in the movies, with Ballroom and Latin society and the Exeter University Jazz Orchestra. From Grease, to James Bond, Harry Potter to Rocky Horror, there promises to be something for everyone! Find our event on Facebook or message Ballroom and Latin or Jazz Orchestra directly for more details. For only £5, a bar and amazing music and dancing it will be a night to remember! Continue reading Preview: Showcase-Jazz Orchestra & Ballroom and Latin Society

Review: Ballet Boyz – Fourteen Days

The concept behind ‘fourteen days’ is simple – four choreographers are paired up with four composers and are given fourteen days to create new pieces of dance and music, all centred around the concept of balance and imbalance. This experiment in the artistic process formed the first half of the performance, and the results are mixed. Initially excited about watching an award-winning innovative dance company … Continue reading Review: Ballet Boyz – Fourteen Days