Review: Eternals

Is Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ really the worst MCU film ever? No, personally I went into the film with low expectations due to the slander it had been receiving online and I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed the film and cast as much as I did. Released on November 5th 2021, ‘Eternals’ directed by Chloé Zhao, was certainly one of Marvel’s most ambitious movies yet, introducing the first LGBTQ+ kiss and having a wide representation within its cast. Continue reading Review: Eternals

Recipe: Two Ingredient Flatbread

This two ingredient flatbread is so easy to make and really cheap too (around 17p a flatbread!) so it’s the perfect alternative to shop-bought bread. In this recipe I make the flat breads and then add toppings and cook in the oven to make mini pizzas, but you could use them to accompany casserole dishes, curries or add some avocado and scrambled eggs to make … Continue reading Recipe: Two Ingredient Flatbread

Another Book Bites the Dust

This week I’m back, although slightly later than normal, sorry about that! This is a review of one of my summer reads, a rather disturbing psychological thriller from Julia Heaberlin. The book was published by Penguin in July last year and has received a lot of praise from critics and media outlets since then, even dubbed the “thriller of the year”. Key themes for anyone … Continue reading Another Book Bites the Dust

Another Book Bites the Dust

Hello again! The novel I’m reviewing this week is the fairly recent thriller by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train. The book has achieved global success since its publication in early 2015 and was the most sold hardback book in the UK for 30 weeks running, setting a new record! (Guardian).  The Girl on the Train is a fictional story from the perspective of … Continue reading Another Book Bites the Dust