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The Downfall of Kanye West

From 22 time Grammy winning sensation to being banned from the very same awards , how did Kanye West’s “greatest of all time” reputation take such a tumble into chaos? Tracing his career all the way back to his roots, we watch a mentally ill man with a fair share of personal trauma become less and less fit for a life of fame. So why do the media persist in portraying his character as a joke to the public? And – perhaps more importantly – is it such a laughing matter? Continue reading The Downfall of Kanye West

Recipe: 3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

With only three ingredients, this recipe for chocolate mousse is quite simple and very quick to make. The only issue is it needs a few hours in the fridge after making in order to set properly. You can also add a bit of essence (vanilla, lemon or whatever takes your fancy!) or a few teaspoons of liqueur to add an alcoholic twist! The three basic … Continue reading Recipe: 3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse