Life after Lockdown: Cinemas

The lights go down while I’ve spent the last twenty minutes whispering to my friend ‘we should go see that’ about every trailer that’s played, and the room falls silent. My bag of overpriced popcorn is practically empty, and I’m definitely going to need the toilet at a crucial point in the film. I’ve put my phone on silent, away in my back pocket for … Continue reading Life after Lockdown: Cinemas

My Culture Comforts: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I unintentionally rediscovered a huge part of my childhood that I had almost forgot existed – Alice in Wonderland. I reread the book for one of my modules, and it was the most nostalgic thing I’ve done in so long. As a kid, I was obsessed with fantastical stories and escapism, and rereading this one brought everything back. So I watched the film again (the Tim Burton one with Johnny Depp in), and it’s safe to say it remains one of my favourite films ever. With all that’s going on at the moment, it was a nice little escape from reality. Strongly recommend! Continue reading My Culture Comforts: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Review: Judy

For a film about a performer, Judy starts with a brilliant apparent break of the fourth wall. I struggle to remember a film with a more apt beginning. The structure of the film is further used to great effect by balancing the enrapturing beginning with an emotive end; it would not surprise me to see the odd tear shed as the lights come up. Continue reading Review: Judy

Review: IT Chapter Two

To anyone that knows me, it would be very surprising to hear that I was planning on watching a horror film, let alone heading to the cinema on the very day of IT Chapter 2’s release. It was one thing to watch the first film from the comfort of my own sofa in broad daylight, but very much another to head to a late showing of the sequel in the cinema! Yet there I was. Continue reading Review: IT Chapter Two

Review: Toy Story 4

After hearing that Pixar had decided to release a fourth movie in the Toy Story saga, I was filled with multiple emotions – sure enough there was a lot of excitement but there was also a creeping sense of dread. After the emotional rollercoaster ride that was Toy Story 3, it seemed we had said our goodbyes to the toys, just as Andy does, in … Continue reading Review: Toy Story 4

The Best Films on Netflix

Whatever deadline you are avoiding, you want to make sure you spend your time actually watching something you enjoy, not scrolling through a bewildering amount of Netflix categories deciding what to watch. By no means an exhaustive list, these are just some of the best feature films the online platform has on offer. From huge blockbusters to independent gems, here’s a few suggestions to make … Continue reading The Best Films on Netflix

Moonrise Kingdom

The honour of opening the Cannes Film Festival 2012 was awarded to Moonrise Kingdom, the latest on-screen triumph of American film director and screenwriter Wes Anderson. This eccentric film follows the 12 year old romance of a 1960s-era scout and his girlfriend, who run away together, and the search party of family and locals who fan out to find them. Moonrise Kingdom was instantly recognisable … Continue reading Moonrise Kingdom