Meat Free, Taste Free?

Being vegetarian or vegan is becoming more and more inclusive with restaurants having far more meat and dairy free options to choose from, an array of different products in supermarkets to buy and even some vegetarian and vegan only menus becoming available at restaurants . It however, it still much harder to be a vegetarian or vegan with so many places being dominated with meaty … Continue reading Meat Free, Taste Free?

Eating Out in Exeter: My Favourite Independent Cafés and Restaurants

for a flat white. But how many of the city’s independent places have you tried? This year, I’ve discovered so many more independent cafés and restaurants in the city centre, and I can honestly say that they’ve brightened my year, lockdown and all. Here are some of my favourites. Continue reading Eating Out in Exeter: My Favourite Independent Cafés and Restaurants

Bleed Greener: How to Make Your Plate More Sustainable

There has been a surge in the number of people becoming vegetarian or vegan in recent years, with many of them citing a desire to reduce their carbon footprint as a principal motivator. In fact, the two concepts of meat-reduction and environmental sustainability have become so intertwined that you would be hard-pressed to find a vegetarian or vegan who isn’t conscious of their impact on the natural environment. Similarly, it would be odd to meet an environmental campaigner who doesn’t limit the amount of meat in their diet. Continue reading Bleed Greener: How to Make Your Plate More Sustainable

Cooking and Conversation

They say the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself, but for me it is a sign I’m cooking. I admit, there is a certain flair of insanity to my culinary methods. I defy measuring, exchange ingredients routinely, and follow recipes how I follow most advice – listening but rarely enacting. Cooking is a language for me. I’ve confessed and drank wine with Nigella, I’ve laughed and ranted with Ramsay, and I’ve questioned Oliver on many occasions. Cooking is a warm hello in the shape of tender meat and clouds of mash, it is an apology sweetened with strawberries, it is a declaration of love infused with chillies, and it is a get well soon in the shape of a bowl of garden vegetable soup. Continue reading Cooking and Conversation

Food Waste Fixes

Research by the government-run organisation WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) estimates that 9.5 million tonnes of food is thrown away in the UK every year and figures indicate that 70% of this waste is household waste which amounts to billions of unnecessary costs! Food production is also responsible for a considerable volume of carbon emissions. Therefore, food waste is costing us money and the future of our planet. Here are some simple solutions and recipes to help you reduce your household food waste. Continue reading Food Waste Fixes

Dinner Party Recipe: Roast Beef

There is something about a roast that demands an occasion. It also happens to be nice and simple. For what ultimately is it other than a lump of meat (or veg for that matter) whacked in a hot oven for some time? So with a little dressing up, a roast makes an impressive, but manageable dinner party main course. A topside of beef provides a sizeable cut of meat that is not too pricey, around which you can plan what ever veg is to hand, on sale or in season.  Continue reading Dinner Party Recipe: Roast Beef