Meat Free, Taste Free?

Being vegetarian or vegan is becoming more and more inclusive with restaurants having far more meat and dairy free options to choose from, an array of different products in supermarkets to buy and even some vegetarian and vegan only menus becoming available at restaurants . It however, it still much harder to be a vegetarian or vegan with so many places being dominated with meaty … Continue reading Meat Free, Taste Free?

A True ‘Hot Girl Summer’

This summer was the first occasion we could begin to relax from the pandemic by going out and experiencing social life thanks to eased restrictions. This opportunity comes with many expectations and challenges. During lockdown many people turned to junk food for comfort, sacrificing physical activity with the excuse it would not have mattered this year, or believing there would have been time to make up for the indulgences. The social expectation of displaying a perfect body in summer resulted in many people taking quick fixes to shrink their figure or alter their appearance. Furthermore, going back to normality and enjoying other people’s company can constitute a challenge in itself, inducing people to either search for human contact in potentially unsafe ways, or alternatively remaining inside despite the ease of the government’s measures.  Continue reading A True ‘Hot Girl Summer’

The AstraZeneca Vaccine vs The Pill: The Ongoing Neglect of Women’s Reproductive Health

As the Covid-19 vaccine rollout takes place nationwide, concerns have been raised about possible side effects, particularly in the case of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. According to Pharmaceutical Technology, twenty million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine had been administered by 12th April 2021. Seventy-nine blood clot cases were reported by the end of March, and of those cases, nineteen people died. The website tells us that the risk of blood clotting after a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in people over fifty or with underlying medical issues is ‘extremely rare’: approximately 1 in every 100, 000 doses. The same is said for those in the 40 – 49 age bracket. For those between the ages of 18 – 39, this risk is doubled to 1 in every 50, 000 doses, which has led to under forties in the UK being offered an alternative vaccine to mitigate this risk. The European Medicines Agency subsequently investigated the risk of blood clotting and determined that AstraZeneca is ‘safe and effective’. Naturally, in a period of great upheaval, people will experience worries about the various emerging vaccines, but the minute risk of blood clotting, is no reason not to get vaccinated. Having a vaccination is an important and overwhelmingly beneficial act, and will help to protect yourself and others, despite the scaremongering regarding AstraZeneca from anti-vax groups. Continue reading The AstraZeneca Vaccine vs The Pill: The Ongoing Neglect of Women’s Reproductive Health

Review: Headspace Guide to Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in living a healthy life. According to the NHS website, loss of sleep doesn’t just make you tired; it can affect your immunity, mental health and even your fertility. When Headspace announced their new Netflix series on sleep, I was excited to try it – and with exam stress rapidly approaching, improving my sleep was one thing I thought I could do to ease the pressure. Continue reading Review: Headspace Guide to Sleep

How Invisalign is Going: Reflections from the Middle of the Process

It has been 14 weeks and 13 separate trays since I started my Invisalign course on the 11th of January. After my first article about beginning the process, I thought I’d update anyone whose interested in undergoing treatment themselves (or just curious) on my thoughts and experiences. Continue reading How Invisalign is Going: Reflections from the Middle of the Process

The Healthy Helena: Food and Mood

Whilst it’s well known that eating a healthy, balanced diet is beneficial for our physical health, people are often unaware of the impact our nutrition has on our mental health. With the current bleak and often stressful environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, comfort foods are tempting ways to lift our spirits. However, sugary treats and processed foods can often have the reverse effects, and it is important to nourish and nurture your body with the right nutrition in order to feel your finest. Continue reading The Healthy Helena: Food and Mood

My Culture Comforts: Couch to 5K

As a baby, your parents wait with anticipation for your first steps and from that moment, you’re off. Children are encouraged to run around as much as possible when they’re little. In primary school, we had three breaktimes a day which were spent darting around the playground. If you asked a five-year-old whether they ever felt embarrassed whilst running, you would most likely be dismissed. However, if you asked a twelve-year-old girl, I am sure it would be a different story. Continue reading My Culture Comforts: Couch to 5K

Accessing Contraception During COVID-19

Casual hook-ups, dating and late-night tinder encounters have become extinct practices due to COVID-19 and government regulations to control the virus. However, this is not to say that sex is not happening. Whilst it may feel strange to seek contraception in a time where physical contact is being so publicly discouraged, it is important to remember that every aspect of your health is valuable and should be taken care of. So, whether you are in lockdown with your significant other or just wanting to explore your contraceptive options, there are lots of resources still available to you. Continue reading Accessing Contraception During COVID-19

Acknowledging Uncertainty: How Coronavirus has Changed the Way We Plan For the Future

Our lives are mapped around referential points. We all have calendars littered with birthdays, exams, parties, graduation ceremonies, interviews, visits to friends, events, plays, holidays, gigs. None of us live purely spontaneously. For decades modern life has functioned on the presumption that imposing order onto our immediate futures will make us more productive, prompt and predictable. Life is prearranged invisibly around us, marked by the constant promises of the near future, what’s coming next, what will I be doing tomorrow? Continue reading Acknowledging Uncertainty: How Coronavirus has Changed the Way We Plan For the Future