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Review: The Northman (2022)

*Warning: minor spoilers ahead* With throats ripped out, noses chopped off, and penises slapped around, The Northman is a wild ride from start to finish. The plot focuses on Prince Amleth (played by Alexander Skarsgård) and his mission to avenge his father’s death and save his mother from his uncle’s clutches. An action-packed viking epic; it was so gory I found it difficult to watch at times. Although I … Continue reading Review: The Northman (2022)

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The Death of the Teen Dystopian Movie

It’s been ten years since the first Hunger Games film was released. Can you believe it? Let me take you back to the 2010s, before Tiktok, before Zoom, before Masks…ah, a blissful time. Before our own real-life dystopia happened, the 2010s provided us with many examples of what could happen if the world was plunged into disaster. There’s no doubt that dystopia is a wide genre; many may think of The Walking Dead, The 100 or The Society (so many ‘thes’), but there was something about the Teen Dystopian Movie that hypnotised our generation.  Continue reading The Death of the Teen Dystopian Movie

Review: Eternals

Is Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ really the worst MCU film ever? No, personally I went into the film with low expectations due to the slander it had been receiving online and I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed the film and cast as much as I did. Released on November 5th 2021, ‘Eternals’ directed by Chloé Zhao, was certainly one of Marvel’s most ambitious movies yet, introducing the first LGBTQ+ kiss and having a wide representation within its cast. Continue reading Review: Eternals

Review: No Time to Die (2021)

*Spoiler Warning* No Time To Die is a thrilling piece of action cinema, with all the spectacle and panache you might expect from a Bond film. More importantly, it’s a tribute to Daniel Craig, as he throws in the towel after fifteen years. The film picks up where Spectre (2015) left off all those years ago. Bond is holed up on an island somewhere, enjoying … Continue reading Review: No Time to Die (2021)

Child Brides and Virginity Myths: Sexuality and Suppression in Mustang

In a remote village in northern Turkey, five orphaned sisters are robbed of their childhood as they are forced into arranged marriages to cover up a so-called scandal. In the first and last scene of youthful joy and childhood innocence, the sisters play on the beach with their male classmates. Following this, the girls are scolded for “pleasuring themselves” by sitting on the boys’ shoulders and the already stifling home becomes a “wife factory” from which there is no escape. Forbidden from attending school, the young girls must stay at home, where they are taught how to cook, clean and sew by their female relatives. They are forced to parade around town in order to attract potential suitors and, one by one, the sisters are married off to older male strangers. Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s directorial debut explores the reality of child marriage in patriarchal societies and the yearning for a youth that is stripped away. Continue reading Child Brides and Virginity Myths: Sexuality and Suppression in Mustang

Review: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

What do you get when you cross a scaredy-cat with a horror movie in a cinema?
That’s what I found out first-hand when my friends convinced me to come along and watch the new Conjuring film in the cinema. It was my first time back in a cinema in over a year, and also my first time ever watching a horror movie in an actual cinema. With no blankets to hide under, I wasn’t feeling confident. Continue reading Review: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Review: Pieces of a Woman

Depicting miscarriage and stillbirth on screen has long been a difficult and sensitive topic. There is no easy way to portray the death of a baby, which is probably why Kornél Mundruczó didn’t try to present it as such. Pieces of a Woman, Mundruczó’s eighth feature film, follows couple Martha (Vanessa Kirby) and Sean (Shia LaBeouf) as they lose their new-born daughter and try to maintain the semblance of a life afterwards. Continue reading Review: Pieces of a Woman

Review: Emma

Rating: 5 Stars

As a Jane Austen fan, I was thrilled by the prospect of another adaptation of Emma, my favourite of all her novels. The trailer had made Autumn De Wilde’s version look amazing. It did not disappoint. I had been anticipating its release for months, and planning to see it with my mum, another Austen fan, for ages. We planned to go and see it when I came home for reading week.
Continue reading Review: Emma