Scotland’s Period Poverty Bill

On Tuesday 24 November, 2020, Scotland became the first country in the world to make free period products available to all menstruating people. This landmark step in the global fight against period poverty was met with wide celebration by campaigners and activists, including Labour MSP Monica Lennon, who has been fighting for the cause since 2016. Continue reading Scotland’s Period Poverty Bill

Bodyform’s ‘Womb Stories’ Campaign and De-Stigmatising Menstruation

Since I was about sixteen, I’ve been passionate about de-stigmatizing periods. I used the Clue app religiously and showed it to all my friends at school, including the boys. I talked about periods loudly and graphically. I didn’t care if that made boys feel uncomfortable. I had confidence about my periods. They made me feel powerful and were an important part of my identity as a young woman. Because of my contraception, I don’t have periods anymore. My female friends are usually jealous of me when I tell them this, but I actually miss them; they’re a sign that everything’s ticking over and working properly. They’re completely healthy and natural, so why is there such a big stigma surrounding them? Continue reading Bodyform’s ‘Womb Stories’ Campaign and De-Stigmatising Menstruation

Periods in Conflict

Just short of fifty percent of the population of the world have periods. Periods are a fact of life – without them, we, men and women, would not exist. They are essential. Yet they are one of the the most stigmatised and taboo subjects in society, branded unhygienic, embarrassing and something which should be kept under wraps. Periods are difficult to cope with at the best of times. Even with access to a wide range of sanitary products, clean bathrooms and in-depth education about reproduction and sex, they cause women and girls pain, hassle and anxiety. So, imagine what it would be like to get your first period and not know what it is, not be able to afford any sanitary care, and not even have a bathroom. Worse, imagine being cast out of your community every time you get your period. Sadly, this is the reality for many women and girls across the world and it is time to address it and speak more openly about it. Continue reading Periods in Conflict