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The Death of the Teen Dystopian Movie

It’s been ten years since the first Hunger Games film was released. Can you believe it? Let me take you back to the 2010s, before Tiktok, before Zoom, before Masks…ah, a blissful time. Before our own real-life dystopia happened, the 2010s provided us with many examples of what could happen if the world was plunged into disaster. There’s no doubt that dystopia is a wide genre; many may think of The Walking Dead, The 100 or The Society (so many ‘thes’), but there was something about the Teen Dystopian Movie that hypnotised our generation.  Continue reading The Death of the Teen Dystopian Movie

Review: Exeter University Shakespeare Company’s ‘The Duchess of Malfi’

he Chapter House at Exeter Cathedral was lit by candles on Monday’s chilly winter evening, ready to host the cast and crew of Exeter University Shakespeare Company — who have been rehearsing since late September — as they prepared to take Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi onto the stage. The Chapter House provided both an intimate setting for the tragedy — with dialogue often occuring in the aisle, fully immersing the audience into the plot — and yet also presented the audience with the grandeur and awe that naturally comes with the divine space, the balance of the two perfect for such a production. The rows of chairs were adorned with fake ivy which, coupled with the grand nature of such a space, transported the near-full audience into a realm of Jacobean atmosphere. Continue reading Review: Exeter University Shakespeare Company’s ‘The Duchess of Malfi’

Culture Comforts: Shakesbeers, France

The opportunity to spend a year studying abroad in Grenoble, France, promised a comprehensive cultural experience: lazy nights spent by the Isère River drinking Carrefour’s finest €2 bottle of wine, evening hikes up the Bastille to watch the sunset over the city’s extensive urban panorama, and weekly trips to the Deux Alpes where I attempt to ski without falling flat on my face (‘attempt’ being … Continue reading Culture Comforts: Shakesbeers, France

Review: Eternals

Is Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ really the worst MCU film ever? No, personally I went into the film with low expectations due to the slander it had been receiving online and I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed the film and cast as much as I did. Released on November 5th 2021, ‘Eternals’ directed by Chloé Zhao, was certainly one of Marvel’s most ambitious movies yet, introducing the first LGBTQ+ kiss and having a wide representation within its cast. Continue reading Review: Eternals

A Performer’s Promise

The recent tragic events at Astroworld – Travis Scott’s annual festival in Texas – has left many questioning the responsibility of an artist for their audiences’ safety. People attending concerts expect and deserve not to worry about being in danger for various reasons, but should the finger be pointed at the performing artist? Continue reading A Performer’s Promise

In Defence of Boybands

We’ve all been there; you’re at a party, the song has just finished, and you hear the familiar beat of a One Direction track begin to fade in next….Everyone groans. You roll your eyes for a moment of social inclusion, but next thing you know, you find yourself listening to that very song on your way up Forum Hill the following morning. Musical guilty pleasures: … Continue reading In Defence of Boybands

Wear It Like Lizzo

Lizzo made headlines recently for her stunning appearance at Cardi B’s 29th birthday party in a sheer dress. As an equally dazzling number of people have commented, the gown did not leave much to the imagination. Cardi B’s party, which took place at LA River Studios, had a ‘dancehall’ theme and a star-studded guest list. Across the board, there was no shortage of fishnet-esque dresses, … Continue reading Wear It Like Lizzo

Reading Corner: The Chronicles of Narnia – A Children’s Classic to Help Me Through Adulthood

“Isn’t that a children’s book?” If you see a young woman in a café, sipping a latte with her nose in a book, a children’s story may seem an unlikely choice of reading material. And yet, that is exactly what I’ve been doing. The classic The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis is a seven-book series, telling tales of the magical land of Narnia and … Continue reading Reading Corner: The Chronicles of Narnia – A Children’s Classic to Help Me Through Adulthood

Review: Cinderella (2021)

Kay Cannon’s new musical comedy Cinderella (2021) reimagines the traditional tale with a modern twist. Set in a middle-ages-style kingdom, Ella (Camila Cabello) traverses the tyranny of a patriarchal society to achieve her dream of opening a dressmaker’s stall at the market. Her attempts fail and she is mocked by the townsfolk. Luckily, the disguised Prince Robert (played by Nicholas Galitzine) sees Ella, buys her … Continue reading Review: Cinderella (2021)