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Singles’ Round Up: “No Romeo” by Dylan

Depending on the side of TikTok you are on, you may or may not have heard this song already. “No Romeo” is an upbeat pop song by upcoming artist Dylan who has recently released her EP on Spotify. The lyrics are jam packed with all the things your friends tell you when you are ignoring the red flags in a relationship – the kind of … Continue reading Singles’ Round Up: “No Romeo” by Dylan

Is Vanilla the New Frigid: TikTok and Coercion

Is ‘Vanilla’ the new ‘Frigid’? Having now been on TikTok for a while I was unsurprised when a section of the app called KinkTok or FreakTok came under fire in a recent VICE article by Lucy Robinson, and 19-year old Lily, interviewed for the piece, made this link between the terms. This thriving subculture on the app may have originally started as a safe place for the Kink community to share experiences and tips but it has recently been overrun with some very problematic and even dangerous content. Some of the top videos in this community often cover knife play, choking and rough sex of all levels and there have been frequent instances of the term ‘Vanilla’ being used as an insult. This term may not be familiar to those not in the kink community or in the younger generations, but we will all be familiar with the insult ‘Frigid’, a fan favourite of secondary school boys everywhere. But really, what is wrong with liking non-kinky sex? Continue reading Is Vanilla the New Frigid: TikTok and Coercion

Private School TikToks: What Drives Pop Culture’s Continued Fascination with the 7%?

I’m not a frequent Tik-Tok user and, after stumbling upon the trend “#privateschool”, I can’t say this is going to change. Since the start of the year, videos of Britain’s most wealthy teens have started to rack up millions of views online and I was curious to see what the hype was about. To summarise, and to save you from watching them yourselves, these Tik-Toks … Continue reading Private School TikToks: What Drives Pop Culture’s Continued Fascination with the 7%?

Beautiful Bodies and Damaging Diets: TikTok and Body Image

If you haven’t spent significant time in lockdown on TikTok, either you have been living under a rock or simply have better willpower than the rest of us. What began as a platform for lip-syncing videos (, has now become a popular social media app broadcasting diverse content from short travel videos, daily lifestyle vlogs, challenges, trending dances, and different memes. Especially with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, … Continue reading Beautiful Bodies and Damaging Diets: TikTok and Body Image

TikTok Explained

TikTok is a free app that is available on smart phones. As the most downloaded app on the Apple App store, it has taken millions of users by storm since its global release in 2017. The concept of TikTok is simple but obviously very effective. Users have the ability to make their own 15-60 second videos, adding their own videos, choosing songs or sound effects and other special effects to add to their videos. Therefore, this means people can create their own dances, copy others, make comedy or lip-syncing videos. Once the user is happy with their video, they can publish it to their personal TikTok page and share it on other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Once a video is published, other users can like and comment on it and then follow the user. Continue reading TikTok Explained