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Review: The Weekend Away (2022)

*trigger warnings for abuse, emotional distress, death, cheating etc.* *contains spoilers* What if you went on holiday with your best friend for a weekend and during that time, everything changed? That is exactly what happens in the movie The Weekend Away, inspired by the book by Sarah Alderson.  When Beth, played by Leighton Meester, goes on holiday to Croatia with her best friend Kate, they … Continue reading Review: The Weekend Away (2022)

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Sex on Screen

As part of SHAG week, RAZZ writer Lulu Bullman explores the depiction of sex on the big screen. Sex on screen can either set hearts racing or cause feelings of embarrassment and unease – especially if you find yourself in that awkward situation, watching a programme with the rest of your family, sitting in stone cold silence as you view a scene that no one … Continue reading Sex on Screen

Euphoria: Our Generation’s Edgy Answer to Teen Drama

Euphoria is back with its long-awaited second series. The HBO show, which follows the lives and loves of a group of high school teenagers has already secured its place in contemporary pop culture after becoming the breakout hit of 2019. But before its sophomore season hit our screens, Euphoria’s star Zendaya issued a trigger warning to viewers, a sentiment which was echoed by her co-stars. In a statement put out on social media, she says “…I do want to reiterate to everyone that Euphoria is for mature audiences. This season, maybe even more so than the last, is deeply emotional and deals with subject matter that can be triggering and difficult to watch. Please only watch if you feel comfortable…”  Continue reading Euphoria: Our Generation’s Edgy Answer to Teen Drama

Review: You (Season 3)

*Spoiler Warning* You: a word we will never hear the same way again. Season three of the hit psychological thriller You, starring Penn Badgley, entices the population once again with stalker/serial killer Joe taking his ego to the fictional town of ‘Madre Linda’. Right off the bat, the chosen destination of Joe’s new home strikes immediate comparison from the previous seasons. What does this mean … Continue reading Review: You (Season 3)

Squid Game, Capitalism and the Popularity of the K-Drama

*Spoiler Warning* What was once a subculture of people willing to read subtitles has now become a popular and normalised activity; Netflix’s new release Squid Game has more people watching k-dramas than ever before. The show certainly has some controversy worth discussion – and I’m not just talking about the reawakened debate of dubbed or subbed – but the deeper meaning and political messages interlaced … Continue reading Squid Game, Capitalism and the Popularity of the K-Drama

A Love Letter to Gogglebox

It’s 8:58pm on Friday night once again and with popcorn and blankets at the ready, I set up All4 to watch the newest episode of Gogglebox. This time I’m not in my lounge in my hometown but in my new university accommodation, and watching on my computer screen, still trying to make it feel like it’s mine. But as the minutes turn into the end … Continue reading A Love Letter to Gogglebox

Embracing the Remake: Neo-Gossip Girl and Other Shows Reborn

So now you’re telling me that using re-runs of Absolutely Fabulous as my coping mechanism for three years is no longer allowed? I think not! Being the queen of ‘finding one television show or film I like and watching it every week for 6 months’ means that shackling reboots to an unhealthy obsession with the past is going to be a hard angle for me … Continue reading Embracing the Remake: Neo-Gossip Girl and Other Shows Reborn

Review: Sex Education Season 3 (2021)

Crickey, well that was depressing! After an almost two-year wait, ‘Moordale Sex School’ is back for another year, and just like the anthem of the previous series, I’m now left with another earworm that I can’t sing aloud in public. Amongst struggling to understand how these teenagers are STILL at the same school, I was kept on a lengthy tether of fear, love and annoyance … Continue reading Review: Sex Education Season 3 (2021)