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Review: ‘The Last Words’

The Last Words by Theatre With Teeth, Exeter’s own student-led drama company, is a gritty murder mystery with a twist. The story takes place in the midst of a murder investigation, but one in which the victim survived her own murder. Protagonist Rebecca, played by Emily Wallace, wakes up unable to remember anything about her life – or death – apart from the last words spoken to her by the other characters. Continue reading Review: ‘The Last Words’

Creative Corner: ‘A Strange Morning’

He wakes up like any other day: with a jolt from a dream. Today it was odd, but the memory slips from him the more he tries to grasp it. After a few moments, he sits up in his warm bed, slowly pushing off the many layers of blankets. He stands up on unsteady legs, the kind that only come from waking up too quickly … Continue reading Creative Corner: ‘A Strange Morning’

The September Scaries

Regardless of how many lists we’ve made or stationery items we’ve acquired, starting a new academic year, whether we’re ten or twenty, can be fairly daunting. September is most definitely a month of change, and like the start of a new calendar year can be associated as a time to start afresh. It brings an unspoken pressure to socialise more, join a whole load of societies all whilst staying ahead of your workload. If we reflect on this shortlist I think we can begin to acknowledge that it’s unrealistic. The more we understand the unmeasurable amount of pressure placed on students, the more we can see that these are more likely to lead to a breakdown as opposed to a breakthrough. Continue reading The September Scaries

Too Much Pressure on Freshers?

Freshers’ Week: seven days of meeting complete strangers, clubbing, drinking and terrifying welcome talks. After what for most has been a painful and difficult year and a half lost due to COVID-19, it’s back and better than ever. With restrictions having been lifted, students are finally free to mingle to their heart’s content – no rules of six, no two metre safety bubbles, no 10pm … Continue reading Too Much Pressure on Freshers?

Sex-Based Harassment: What Men Can Do to Help Stop Sexual Harassment Against Women

Ever since I was young, I realised that women were subject to different rules and expectations to men. In secondary school, this was exasperated. When I was in year eight and most of our teachers were on strike, remaining members of staff had the girls undergo a self-defence class. It was boring. The boys, on the other hand, went to play football. When I was sixteen, I was walking home, covered in mud from a trek in the countryside, and two grown men catcalled me from their car. When I was in Sixth Form, we had an assembly in which our teachers scare-mongered us about the dangers of sending photos of an explicit nature online. I recall a few times when photos were leaked, where the women received backlash from their peers and the men who leaked them got off Scott-free. And throughout my time at school, I was slapped by the hands of too many men, pushed about, and had my wrists and arms twisted, even as I approached and entered adulthood. I quickly realised that school was a breeding ground for rape culture and violence against women. Continue reading Sex-Based Harassment: What Men Can Do to Help Stop Sexual Harassment Against Women

Bleed Greener: Spotlight on Sustainability Week

The 1st to the 5th March is this year’s Sustainability Week, an annual event that emphasises the importance of making sustainable choices. However, there is one thing that sets this year’s Sustainability Week apart from similar efforts that have been made in previous years: the Societies Sustainability Alliance. At present, this Alliance is comprised of 17 different societies which, collectively and in collaboration with university staff, aim to “improve representation from societies and groups in discussion and decision-making regarding sustainability at the University of Exeter” (Societies Sustainability Alliance Terms of Reference). The member societies range from those that already have a distinct environmental focus, such as Be The Change, to those that have a more academic focus, such as the Exeter Law Society. Continue reading Bleed Greener: Spotlight on Sustainability Week

StudyTube: Pens, Post-its and Productivity

If you’re watching a bullet journal tour, an exam season daily routine, or an 8-hour long study with me livestream, you’ve probably stumbled upon StudyTube. This corner of YouTube has been gaining traction for years, with key figures such as Jack Edwards, Exeter’s own Ruby Granger, and Eve Bennett achieving high subscriber rates and millions of views. Continue reading StudyTube: Pens, Post-its and Productivity