Halloween Playlist

‘Monster’ – The Automatic

Not your traditional spooky song, but a banger nonetheless. The fierce chorus and cheesy lyrics remind me of boozy club nights yelling along trying not to spill my drink, definitely a scary sight.

‘I Put a Spell On You’ – Annie Lennox

Not only a classic Halloween song but this version is sexy, spooky and surely one to loosen you up. The way the piano and the guitar throughout blend so smoothly together, gets you right in the feels.

‘This Is Halloween’ – Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a throwback to this Tim Burton classic. Not only are the lyrics well written, but the film is a perfect way to transition from Halloween to Christmas. Extra credit for those who dare to brave the Marilyn Manson cover of this.

‘Ghost Town’ – The Specials

The instrumental aspect of this song, combined with the spooky background singing, really paints a picture of a haunted town. Listening, I still feel the chills I felt when I saw it performed live.

‘Time Warp’ – The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

This is one of those songs that you don’t even have to have seen the film to enjoy a boogie to it. Catchy chorus and Halloween themes, what a banger.

‘Zombie’ – Cranberries

An amazing, heartfelt song, that was written by the late Dolores O’Riordan about the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington. The scary subject matter and zombie title do relate to the Halloween theme, but I think this song earns its space for being truly brilliant.

‘Monster Mash’ – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

An obvious one I know, but is it really Halloween if you haven’t given it a cheeky listen? I think it would be worse if I was to leave this one from the playlist. Get those DIY costumes out, fake blood and get freaky. Bad dances moves are welcome here.

‘Psycho Killer’ – Talking Heads

Did someone say indie club night? A song about killing, with angry shouty lyrics, hello you make the Halloween playlist. I also just love the fact that random noises are often used throughout instead of using actual lyrics, top job Talking Heads.

‘Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix)’ – Extended Mix

Did someone say Hallow-meme. Sorry, poor joke I know, but really this song is just too good to pass up on. Blast this through your house, around uni, at work, I’m sure you will get plenty of laughs – whether they’re laughing with you or at you though, I cannot guarantee.

‘Remains of The Day’ – Corpse Bride

Yes, this is another Tim Burton film song, but how can you blame me. This song might depict a sad story, but with its upbeat tune and a kind of New Orleans jazz feel it’s just an absolute bop. Even the clip from the film is amusing to watch for this one.

‘Somebody’s Watching Me (Hi_tack radio edit)’- Beatfreakz

A twist on the original, this is the remix that you have to fire on at your Halloween pre’s. Eerie suspense followed by a great beat, you won’t be disappointed.

-Cameron Townsley 



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