8 Skin Care Products to Get You Winter Ready

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‘Tis the season to look after those pores and to ensure you look glowy and prepped for those sweaty nights out in TP. I’ve chosen 8 products to make you look like the next Kim Kardashian of Exeter, on a student budget of course! One thing that is essential, is to remember to stay hydrated and I’m not talking vodka and cokes, but the good old H2O. Drinking water will keep your skin plump and rid it of any toxins that cause spots, as well as replenishing the skin tissues. Try carrying around a water bottle every day, adding fruits to it can make it a lot easier to drink and is a way to benefit from vitamins! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…remembering to take your makeup off after a night out at Exeter’s finest selection of clubs. I know it’s annoying and when you’re pissed it’s the last thing you want to do. But do it. It only takes a minute or two. Don’t let your skin suffer from being clogged up with makeup, dirt, pollution and pieces of curly fry grease! You’ll thank me later.

Simple, Cleansing Lotion – £3.79 – Superdrug

1.Cleansing. A step not everyone does but should really be added to your skin routine as it helps to remove any makeup residue. I found one for under £5, less than that salad you bought at Pret

Boots Expert Skincare, Gentle Toner and Nourishing Avocado Oil – Boots – £2.50

No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Toning Water 200ml – Boots – £8.00

2. Toner. Again, not everyone adds this to their ritual, but it helps tighten the skin after cleansing and makes sure you’re ready to glow. For my girls and guys that don’t like to spend a lot of their coin on skin care, I got you. Boots’ Expert Normal Gentle Toner will replenish that skin for less than £3

Garnier Active 3in1 Clay Mask Scrub Wash Oily Skin 150ml – Superdrug – £3.69

3. Exfoliation. This step is a must because it will help remove any dead skin cells and impurities left on the surface which make your skin look dull and flaky. Exfoliation makes skin look smoother and more refreshed as it helps new skin cells form. Garnier’s Scrub Wash is my go-to because you can use it as a normal exfoliator every day or you can leave it on for 10 minutes as a mask once a week.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml – Feel Unique – £4.20

4. Salicylic Acid. Everyone has been raving about The Ordinary collection, whether that’s due to their affordable foundations or their natural compound skin care products. Salicylic acid is my favourite ingredient, it helps clean out makeup clogged pores and reduces acne inflammation. The Ordinary Solution can be applied straight onto spots or you can use a small amount all over your face. However, do bear in mind this solution can cause irritation for those with really sensitive skin, so do a test patch before using it!

Simple Kind to Skin+ Moisture Cream SPF30 Protecting 50ml – Boots – £4.99

5. Moisturise. England is notorious for its nippy winter especially when you’re walking back at 3am with a kebab in your hand. Moisturizing will ensure you don’t end up looking like a Gregg’s crispy sausage roll and will leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing. Simple’s Moisture Cream is under £5 with SPF 30 to make sure those sun rays don’t damage your skin, even when you can’t see the sun, those rays are still bouncing around.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG – Feel Unique – £5.80

6. Under eye bags. It’s not ideal wasting all your concealer to hide those dark circles. The Ordinary has pulled through again with their affordable Caffeine Solution, which you can carefully apply to the skin under the eyes to brighten and reduce puffiness. A life-saver for those who suffer from lack of sleep, you’re welcome!

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner – Boots – £2.69

7. Lip care. Some love lip balms, some hate them, but they will keep your chapped lips at bay. They help retain your lips’ moisture, prevent cuts and sores from cold temperatures and protect them from exposure to wind, leaving your lips feeling nourished all day long. Boots have a whole range of lip balms ranging from £1 to £4, however, try to opt for one that has SPF and look out for all the different flavours too!

CYO Turn On The Light Illuminating Mixing Cream – Boots – £6.00

8. Highlighting. Last but not least, illuminating cream can be applied as a primer before your foundation to add a dewy finish and even dabbed on top of your makeup above your cheekbones. CYO’s Turn On the Light is a more affordable version of the Mac Strobe cream, yet still gives you that glowy look for a bargain!

Try out one or two of these products or even all of them if you have enough coin in the bank and see if they help out with your skin regime. Enjoy and get glowing!

Anna Goodmaker 






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