Review: Bill’s Summer Menu @ Exeter



Katrina: Thanks for our lovely meal at Bill’s last night- it was the perfect way to finish off second year and celebrate results! First of all, I have to say I was really impressed with the refurb of Bill’s, it definitely brings a much more elegant tone to the restaurant. What did you think of it?

Fozz: Oh my god it’s gorgeous! The new orange exterior makes it stand out far more considering it’s tucked away in location, and the flowers at the front also give a chance for an easy insta to wow everyone with. I thought it was well fancy for us rocking up to do another cringey review like this…

Katrina: Yeah you would really think we’d have moved on from these cringey reviews by now, but clearly not! I would say my other initial impression of Bill’s was the attentive nature of the staff, they were so on it and ready to help at every moment. I was a big fan of the cocktails we started off with: my watermelon margarita was a beautifully refreshing summer drink, with the ginger in it adding a little twist that ensured it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet.


Fozz: I mean the main reason why I loved my Bill’s Collins Long was the aesthetic of it – it was pink! With a pink straw! And a raspberry and flower in it! It was like the perfect RAZZ cocktail – especially because they hadn’t diluted it down. But onto the food, how did you find the starter?

Katrina: So we shared the rosemary, pea hummus and garlic sourdough for a starter. I really liked all the flavours in it but I don’t think the balance of flavours was as good as it could have been. The pea hummus was beautiful but there just wasn’t enough of it. I definitely could have done with a thicker spread on the bread, especially because it was a little dry. What do you think Fozz?


Fozz: Yeah when I tried that hummus by itself it was gorgeous but it got lost in a mouthful of other flavours. I also think that the peeled vegetables could have been marinated with something citrusy to add a kick to them. I love sourdough though and it didn’t ruin my appetite for the main course.

Katrina: I totally agree, and I’m glad I saved room for my main course. I had the paprika, garlic and chilli roasted half chicken which had been particularly recommended on the new summer menu. The chicken was beautifully cooked, perhaps a little bit too spicy for my taste, but the creamy sauce helped to balance out the heat of the spice. You can also always rely on Bill’s to produce great fries. I would definitely get the dish again. How was your main main?


Fozz: I got the halloumi burger with smashed avocado and oh my days – that sweet chilli sauce with the halloumi is divine, I just wanted more of it. The hummus spread inside was also so delicious and my fries were surprisingly complementary with the avocado. Bill’s is known for its burgers but they still keep it highbrow. We still managed pudding though didn’t we?


Katrina: We did, and I think we made a great choice, although there were too many good options to choose from! We eventually decided on the melting banoffee sundae which arrived with a chocolate shell on top which melted in a very aesthetically pleasing way when we poured the caramel sauce over it. I’m a big fan of banoffee pie so this deconstructed banoffee in a sundae was perfect for me. You enjoyed it too, right?


Fozz: Uh -yeah. That salted caramel sauce was so delicious, I didn’t care I was going to dig with my spoon for this. And I’m not always keen on bananas, but the chopped ones at the bottom of the dish with all the sweetness of the chocolate covering them – to die for. Honestly, it was a heavenly way to round off our meal.


Katrina: It really was. I’d definitely like to head back to Bill’s to try more of their summer menu! Thanks for being a great date to accompany the great food.

Fozz: No problem honey, you weren’t bad company either.

Charlotte ‘Fozz’ Forrester & Katrina Bennett


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