That’s Niche: Animal Crossing

I wouldn’t say I’m massively obsessed with Animal Crossing but since Nintendo announced the new pastel blue Switch console for the release of the new game … I can’t stop thinking about it. Every few months I rediscover my Nintendo DS and revisit my town and the strange animals living there, and some part of me feels like I’m going home, even if it’s just to pick some weeds and do some fishing. On the one hand, I can’t believe I’m 20 years old and still playing a game I got when I was in primary school. But deep down I think everyone should experience the stress of forgetting to save the game and being shouted at by an angry mole, or shaking a tree and getting attacked by bees. Apart from the very few stressful aspects of the game, after a long day of lectures and essay writing, sometimes we all need to do a little bit of fishing and collect some fossils to take to the museum. And if anyone is wondering, my favourite villager is Bob – always a bit sleepy and loves wearing pink. All I need to do now is hope all the Twitter giveaways I’ve entered to win a Switch aren’t scams and that I have enough self-control to stop myself playing the game until after exams (I don’t hold out much hope).

Tilly Attrill

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