Mince Pie Munch Test

When deadline season came in November, I went to get a Pret coffee in the forum to get me through the day. I saw Mince Pies in the glass case and a smile filled my face. At this point, I knew that my addiction would begin again. Every winter I fill my cupboards with mince pies to bring me joy in a dark and gloomy Exeter. So, this year I thought I would taste test as many mince pies as I could (even Percy Pig Pies which definitely didn’t make the list) and write a list of my top 5 mince pies ranked by the amount of filling, pastry thickness, mincemeat flavour, pastry design, and most importantly price.

5. Tesco Finest

The first mince pie on my list, and my go to in Exeter because of all the conveniently placed Tesco Expresses along my route home. The pastry is the perfect thickness, but they are let down by their mince meat which is not as flavoursome as some of the others on this list. However, the pastry design is festive and pretty, and the price isn’t too bad if they are on offer!

4. Mr Kipling

Last year these were my favourite mince pies, but sadly they have lost their winning place. The pastry is really thick and buttery, something that I love in a mince pie. Plus, they are regularly on offer at £1 a box!

3. Marks & Spencer

After a rough deadline season as opposed to winter season, my housemate and I decided to treat ourselves to a box of slightly overpriced bougie-looking M&S all-butter mince pies. The pastry is very buttery and the filling to pastry ratio is perfect. The mince meat is also really tasty with prominent orange flavour. If your looking for a crowd pleaser, this is the mince pie for you.

2. Waitrose

Heston spiced mince pies with a lemon twist from Waitrose are my favourite mince pies. But, because they are overpriced at four for £3 I couldn’t give them the top spot. If you buy these mince pies, please warm them up in the microwave and your world will be changed forever! They have a gooey layer of lemon curd on top cutting through the sweetness of the mince meat giving it a really delicious flavour. Plus, the mince pies are the biggest in size on this list and the bottoms of the pastry are thick and crumbly. If your parents take you on a Christmas trip to Waitrose, then make sure that you make them buy a pack of these.


Number one had to be the Iceland Luxury mince pies! I heard about these from Which? Magazine who also rated them number one out of their blind taste test of the supermarket finest ranges. These mince pies have the perfect amount of filling which is both gooey and flavourful. The pastry is beautifully designed and the perfect thickness. These mince pies are also cheaper than all of the others on the list. So, make sure you head to Iceland if you are looking for the perfect mince pie!

-Hannah Judge

Featured Image Source: Unsplash

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