Culture Comforts: Shakesbeers, France

The opportunity to spend a year studying abroad in Grenoble, France, promised a comprehensive cultural experience: lazy nights spent by the Isère River drinking Carrefour’s finest €2 bottle of wine, evening hikes up the Bastille to watch the sunset over the city’s extensive urban panorama, and weekly trips to the Deux Alpes where I attempt to ski without falling flat on my face (‘attempt’ being the key word here…).

However, as culture-shock begins to strike, there is only one thing for an Exeter student like myself to do: head to the closest ‘traditional’ English pub for the night for a drink or five. In my case, Grenoble’s answer to The Victoria Inn goes by the name Shakesbeers, a popular Erasmus hotspot frequented by locals and expats alike. Its 2-for-1 deal on Thatchers Gold combined with a healthy serving of banter thrown back and forth between fellow British students is enough to comfort even the most homesick of individuals, as I discovered during my first few weeks of being here.

By all means, I plan on making the most of my time in Grenoble, experiencing all that this buzzing metropolis has to offer. Nevertheless, the existence of places like Shakesbeers can make it easier to overcome the struggles which come with living abroad for the first time, allowing you to make the 1000-kilometre journey back home in only a few steps.

Emily Cooper

Featured Image: Pexels

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